Touching story
Tactile pieces for museums and exhibitions
You can touch it with your hands!

The goal of Touching Story is to make it easy and interesting for people with disabilities to visit exhibitions and museums. We create tactile exhibits and provide them with technical support (captions, descriptions in Braille, etc.). Within the framework of the project, art historians and scientists reconstruct cultural and architectural objects so that the widest audience can get acquainted with them.
All of the reconstruction exhibits are tactile. The models can be observed and also touched, allowing blind and deafblind people to interact with history on an equal footing with other visitors to the exhibition. This is also of particular interest to children, breaking the prevailing stereotype that museum pieces are untouchable.
Many of the models are made from special materials to reproduce not only the shape, but also the sensory features of the original. By touching them, visitors will feel what they would have felt if they had touched a real 11th- and 12th-century artefact.

Stages of creation
  • 1
    Scanning and printing of the primary 3D model
  • 2
    Sculpturing to restore elements of the original that have been lost over time
  • 3
    Processing in material close to natural
  • 4
    Making a tactile construction
We make the exhibits acessible and entertaining
  • The commentary is available in audio format
    The names of exhibits are in Braille
  • Description of the exhibit in sign language for deaf and hard of hearing visitors
  • The exhibits perfectly capture the haptic experience of the original historical objects
  • Tactile exhibits provide a new perspective on museum objects for children
The project has been going on since 2018. During this time, we have created exhibits for the country's largest museums - the State Historical Museum, the State Darwin Museum, and the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum-Reserve.
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