Speech recogntion device Charly
Transcribes the speech and displays text on the screen for deaf people to read
Charly is a smart microphone. The device recognizes speech from 2 meters distance and immediately shows is as a text on any screen (including Braille displays for deaf-blind people). So a person with hearing impairment can easily read what other people say. Charly can speak 3 languages: English, Russian and German. Other languages can be set up.
Where Charly can help?
At home
Charly can be connected to any of your devices (TV, computer, laptop or smartphone).
In public places
Charly is a friendly device for clients with hearing impairment. It will help to get the service independently.
For working or studying remotely
Charly has the special function of the "distance communication". For example, a teacher can put the device on his or her table during the lecture, and the deaf students will be able to read every word using a special link from Charly. Same with business meetings.
Technical characteristics
Very quick
Speech-to-text transformation takes seconds
4 microphones inside Charly "catch" speech in a 360-degree radius
Easy to use
Charly can show "subtitles" of a speech on TV screen, laptop, computer or Braille display
Works autonomously all day long
You can test Charly any time for free! Just let us know you want to try it.
The Charly project is supported by the National Technological Initiative, Deaf-Blind Support Foundation
Con-nection and Skolkovo Foundation
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