With the help of Charly, it is now possible to study and work remotely

Charly, a speech recognition device, is an artificial intelligence gadget that translates speech into text and displays it on the screen. The gadget received a special function of remote communication. For example, a teacher at an institute can put Charly next to him during a lecture, and hearing-impaired students, by connecting to the program via a special link, will read the lecturer’s transcribed speech at home on a smartphone or computer screen online.

In the same way, you can hold working meetings, meetings, any educational events or speeches. This requires only access to the Internet. The speech recogniser Charly was created in the Moscow Laboratory Sensor-Tech, a resident company of the Skolkovo Foundation.

In addition to the remote communication function, Charly has a normal mode of operation - the device plays the transcribed speech online on the screen, and a deaf person can simply read without resorting to the help of third parties. The gadget is often installed at home for communication with loved ones. The device can also be used in public places: banks, hospitals, train stations, etc. At the moment, Charly is installed and is actively working in the Employment Center of the Moscow City. With the help of the device, specialists of the Department of Employment of Disabilities effectively communicate with people who have a hearing impairment and help them find work. Also, a pilot testing project Charly was launched in the Multifunctional Center in the city of Perm. It is planned that after the tests, the device will be installed in special desks to serve people with disabilities.

The project was supported by the Foundation for the support of the deaf-blind "So-Edinenie, the Neuronet Industry Union and is being implemented as part of the National Technology Initiative.