One step away from restoring sight to blind people: ELVIS brain implant installed in an animal brain

The pioneer was a six-year-old male baboon. We named it M1. He is feeling well and recovering quickly.

The first operation gave us the opportunity to test the compatibility of the implant with brain tissues, as well as to work out all the surgical nuances that are very important in preparing for a series of similar operations on animals. The tests went as planned.

In the next two years, our team will install the brain implant in dozens of animals and conduct behavioral experiments with them.
All tests are carried out only with sighted animals as we comply with all international ethical standards. In order to understand how electronic vision will work, animals will simply be blindfolded.

ELVIS will restore sight to blind and deaf-blind patients. We hope that the operation to install the brain implant for people will become widely available in Russia in 2027.

Specialists of the Sensor-Tech Laboratory and the Deaf-Blind Support Foundation Con-nection, are working on the project jointly.