Apps for the visually impaired
Free mobile applications from Sensor-Tech Lab and MegaFon:
Object identifier and Banknote identifier

Object identifier
Items mode:
The neural network recognizes up to 80 items: computer, TV, dishes, hygiene products, food, pets, etc.

Doors and Stairs mode:
The app will identify doors and stairs outside and indoors.

Signs mode:
In this mode, the service will help the blind navigate on the street, counting road signs.
The app is also suitable for deafblind users. Specially for them we have created a special tactile mode. A deaf-blind person can set various vibration signals to objects or signs of their own choosing. As soon as the app "sees" them, it instantly responds with vibration.
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Available for iOS and Android users
Banknote identifier
The app helps the blind and visually impaired identify banknotes with 100 percent accuracy and announces their denomination: from 10 to 5,000 rubles.

Artificial intelligence is trained on numerous images of Russian banknotes. Foreign banknotes are not yet recognized by the neural network, but in the future it is planned to add support for the euro and the U.S. dollar.
The application can be customized: in the settings you can choose the way of detecting a bill, the sound signal and how the result will be displayed.
The banknote detector is suitable for deafblind users because the result of scanning can be displayed by vibration. It will be different for each bill.
Download Banknote Identifier for free now
Available for iOS and Android users
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