Devices that will help deaf-blind people as well as disabled people with hearing and vision impairments to communicate, read, work on the Internet, self-navigate and hear better. The devices will also be useful in other life situations.

Research in Genetics (Usher syndrome)

Gene therapy is a rather advanced method of restoring vision to the disabled with retina impairments, particularly to the people suffering from a genetic disease (Usher syndrome). To run clinical trials in the near future and try to restore vision, it is necessary to select a group of volunteers and do a complex clinical research […]

Retinal implant surgery

Within the framework of the Project two retinal electronic implant operations will be performed for the first time in Russia. Implant will allow to see images of objects and faces, even if without details, patients will get an opportunity to self-navigate both indoors and outdoors and acquire social independence. Moreover,not only will we seek to […]